Vintage Tea 2016

If you'd wanted to enjoy an afternoon of fun coloured in with memories and munching then an afternoon at MBC in October would have suited you down to the ground. 

It was the afternoon of our very first Vintage Tea.

For our first Vintage event we went back to the forties.

Here are some of the pictures from the afternoon.

It was popular.
We packed in to enjoy each other's company and remember life in the 40's.
We rolled out the barrel
and had a barrel of fun. 

Archive film clips showed us life in 1940's Britain - a five and a half day working week! Pubs where people didn't go to eat!  

We tested our knowledge through the 40's Pub Quiz, sang songs from the era and listened to Chatanooga Choo-Choo and Some Enchanted Evening.

It was an afternoon of entertainment, enjoyment and eats.
It was anafternooin
We even enjoyed 
Singing in the Rain.
Not a forties song you say!  
You're right!.
It's a taster of the next Vintage Tea when we'll visit the
Fabulous Fifites