Has someone died who was precious to you?

Did you lose someone during the pandemic?

Did you lose someone because of the pandemic?

Would you like to hang a ribbon in their memory?

Come along to Milford Baptist Church

between 10am and 4pm


Saturday 4th September 

On Saturday 4th September, 10am – 4pm Milford Baptist Church is holding a ‘Ribbons Event’  when everyone is invited to come and tie a ribbon on the church railings in memory of a loved one lost during the pandemic, from covid or other cause.

The church has a stairlift to help access the railings at the top of the steps.

Ribbons and pens will be provided for people to write the names of loved ones on their ribbon, or these can be prepared in advance if you like and brought along.

Just come in through the gate off Chevin Road and up the steps, and you'll find someone to welcome you. They'll explain what you need to do and give you what you need to remember your loved one.

At a time when you couldn't even attend the funeral or do anything to show your love and respect, Saturday 4th September will provide an opportunity for you to honour someone you have lost.